U13, U15

The tournament is one of the easiest to come to because of the great connections with Copenhagen Airport. Train from Copenhagen Airport to Malmo takes approximately 15 minutes.

Age Groups:

U13 – born 2012 or later

U15 – born 2010 or later


International registrations:

  • U13 and U15  please fill out the Tournament Entry Form available at Entry Form under the tab Registration and send it via email to swedishyouth.entry@gmail.com

The entries shall be made in order of strength and in national ranking order in each event. Players date of birth is also required.

Registration closing date: October 25th , 2023 at 23:59 BWF HQ time

All entry forms and links can be found under the tab Entry Form

National (Swedish) registrations:

  • U13 and U15, online registration via tournament software as a normal tournament.